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Jerry Von Gruben
**licensed to practice in all County and Circuit Courts in the  State of Florida**
**licensed to practice in U.S. Federal Courts; Middle District of Florida**
**member Lee County Bar Association, Trial Attorneys Section, Personal Injury Section, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys**

With vast jury trial experience ranging from complex personal injury trials to serious criminal defense trials, and multitudes of other types of cases, attorney Jerry Von Gruben is at home in the court room. Mr. Von Gruben is a fearless, aggressive, and assertive advocate who always puts his client first, focusing on an efficient pursuit of justice. Through vigorous litigation, Mr. Von Gruben has accumulated a portfolio of jury trials that are as numerous as they are diverse.  That multitude includes multi-million dollar jury verdicts in personal injury trials, millions upon millions in settlements, "not guilty" verdicts in a vast array of criminal trials, and winning verdicts in many other areas of law. In short, Mr. Von Gruben is a zealous advocate, who knows how to fight. Ready to meet your every legal need, Jerry Von Gruben brings the presence of integrity to your life when you need a lawyer. Don't wait any longer.  Call Von Gruben Law to set up your free consultation. He'll be glad to hear from you, and you'll be glad you called.

Cristy Von Gruben
**licensed to practice in all County and Circuit Courts in the  State of Florida**


Having been raised in Naples, Cristy Von Gruben has always considered Southwest Florida to be her home.  With her finger always on the "pulse" of Southwest Florida, Cristy prides herself on remaining fully versed in all new laws, amendments, and their applicability to cases handled by Von Gruben Law, P.A.  Well-known for her instinctive insight, Cristy has long been a resource for fighting through challenging litigation.  With a proven background in Social Work, and an undeniable reputation for sensitivity, clients find her to be easily approachable, and confident in applying the law to the unique circumstances in your case.  Cristy Von Gruben will work hand in hand with you, and the other attorneys at Von Gruben Law, P.A. to meet your every legal need. Don't hesitate to contact her now to schedule your free consultation, as she'll be delighted to speak with you personally.

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