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Great attorney!

"Jerry was recommended to me by my divorce attorney when I had to file a protection order. He was extremely understanding and thorough. I also appreciated that every phone call and email I sent to him was answered quickly. I’m very grateful that he was representing me and highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. Thanks Jerry :)!" - 5 stars - Kristina

Great experience with Mr. Von Gruben winning my case.

"I had a great experience with Mr. Von Gruben winning my case. His guidelines were professional and winning. Definitely will use his service in future." - 5 stars - Yuliya

He delivered.

"Jerry handled my case with professionalism and helped me feel at ease. I told him what I wanted in the end and he delivered. I would recommend Jerry." - 5 stars - Elaine

Very professional and knowledgeable, with a very friendly demeanor.

"I highly recommend Von Gruben Law firm. You will find Jerry Von Gruben very professional and knowledgeable with a very friendly demeanor. Jerry kept me informed with my will throughout the entire process. I would definitely go back!!" - 5 stars - Frank G.

Result was 100% successful.

"Von Gruben Law is an excellent reliable law firm. In my case, I received clear, accurate, and in depth explanations to all my questions, prompt actions on my case, proper supporting material, and the result was 100% successful. I highly recommend Mr. Von Gruben." - 5 stars - Lara

Fantastic turnout for my case.

"Thank you!! Fantastic turn out for my case and I’m so great full for this attorney to be by my side." - 5 stars - Ashlee V.

Good and tough.

"Jerry is professional great lawyer. He is so easy to work with and explains everything.  He is sharp and doesn’t get mad at all when you ask questions, like other lawyers.  He is on top of it, and knows what’s best for you.  He is good and tough. I Highly recommend his firm." - 5 stars - Amjad

Completely honest.

"Thank you, Jerry for helping me through my case on November 25th, 2019. He’s professional, timely, and doesn’t feed you any BS. I appreciated him being completely honest with me!" - 5 stars - Nicole

Exactly the kind of attorney you'd want when you have some serious charges.

"Mr Von Gruben was referred to us by another attorney that we know well. My son got himself into some stupid trouble. Jerry got the case over with very fast and the outcome was amazing! I honestly thought he would do some time, but no, none. Tho I know one of the judges wasn’t happy with him for what he did in the court room. But that is exactly the kind of attorney you want when you have some serious charges. 5 stars is not enough." - 5 stars - Shawn G.

I'd recommend him to anyone.

"Jerry is a solid guy and very personable. I’d recommend him to anyone that needs legal help or advice. Did a great job with my case." - 5 stars - Ryan D.

Very professional and compassionate to my needs.

"Mr. Jerry Von Gruben was very professional and compassionate to my needs. To say the least, this was a very scary experience; However Mr. Von Gruben made me feel safe and made sure that my rights were protected. Its great to know that you have someone knowledgeable in your corner." - 5 stars - Cynthia J.

Excellent lawyer.  Very helpful, respsonsive, and knowledgeable.

"Mr. Von Gruben is an excellent lawyer, he was very helpful, resposive and very knowledgeable. I'll surely hire him again. Thank you so much!!" - 5 stars - Evelyn

A true professional; truthful, upfront, and honest.

"Jerry is/was a true professional the entire time while representing my lawsuit against a business. He always answered and replied to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. He always explained the current status of the case in an understandable way. Truthful, upfront, and honest! That’s what you get with Jerry! No misleading or misguidance by him. He enjoys what he does and is passionate about his role in representing his client. He is very confident and displays the utmost professional manner. I highly recommend Jerry for any issues you may have where an attorney is required. I would definitely retain his services again if needed." - 5 stars - Robert

A shark in the courtroom.

"I was fortunate enough to have Jerry Von Gruben represent me. If you are looking for a lawyer that will answer your calls and take time to keep you constantly updated than this is the firm for you. Jerry will fight for you in every way possible. He kept me calm through the entire process and walked me through every step. He can also be a shark in the courtroom. He was highly recommended from a close friend and I am very happy he was. He will look at all possible options and have your back every step." - 5 stars - Zachery

Gifted, knowledgeable and the biggest heart ever!!

"Jerry helped our family member get the best outcome possible. He understood the court system, the judge and provided the persistence needed to get the judge to accept our daughter in the much needed drug court. She has improved so much. This would not have been possible without his Jerry's heartfelt professionalism. I can't recommend him enough!" - 5 stars - Jackie

Five Stars do not shine as brightly as he does!

"Be sure to take time and read Jerry’s philosophy and what to expect on his website. Every aspect is true. It is apparent that he loves what he does. After reading many reviews, I liked the one that said he is knowledgeable and energetic with heart. His passion is evident and very comforting. You know you are in capable hands, and your specific needs will surely be addressed. He is confident and displays a very professional manner. Jerry works well with many professionals resulting in positive outcomes. I have confidently referred friends to Jerry, who will now experience his personal touch on their special needs. I think a higher rating scale is needed. Five stars do not shine as brightly as he does." Thank you Jerry. - 5 stars - Deb H


"Yes, my case was dismissed. Thank you, Mr. Von Gruben for all your help! I highly recommend Mr. Von Guben.  His knowledge of the law and his skills are unmatched. I felt a sense of relief just knowing that I was in good hands.  He was always there for me by phone or by text. No question was to little or to big. His kindness and patience made me feel I made the right choice by having him as my lawyer.  He is very schooled in his trade, and you will not be disappointed." - 5 stars - Judi

Nothing short of miracles!

"Mr. Von Gruben has worked with me from start to finish and has worked extremely hard to come up with nothing short of miracles. He is very well educated in law and can help with sometimes seemingly impossible situations. 10/10! Best lawyer you could have!" - 5 stars - Cameron

Thank you, Jerry - Case Dismissed!

"We are beyond thrilled with our results from hiring Jerry. Jerry is extremely professional and on top of his game. We got results that were better than expected and we couldn't be more grateful. The case was completely dismissed due to his expertise and diligence. He is so easy to work with and explains everything. He is sharp and tough - I know I wouldn't want to be on the other side of him. He knows what he is doing. I HIGHLY recommend his firm." - 5 stars - JT

Highly Recommended.  Fantastic Job.

"Jerry came highly recommended by another attorney. He was hired to defend my wife in a case that could gotten her a lot time. Once Jerry was on the case I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I was confident in his abilities, impressed with his mannerisms and style and his knowledge of the law. He did not let me down. He did a fantastic job and my wife is back home so all is well. Highly recommended." - 5 stars - Derik

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Knowledagable, Professional, and Personable.

"We are extremely relieved that we hired Jerry Von Gruben to represent our daughter in a criminal case with a VOP. He was able to mitigate the case favorably, and substantially minimized her penalties. As the other reviews in this site have attested, his knowledge and skills are unmatched. He came highly recommended by another attorney that is a friend of my family’s. From the moment we hired him, we immediately felt a sense of relief knowing that our daughter was in the best hands. That feeling never left us. He is an expert in his field who is kind, patient and 100% down to earth." - 5 stars - Sherri and Roger

Above and Beyond.

"I am struggling to come up with the words to adequately express how pleased my family and I, as his client, were with Jerry’s representation. Nothing I can say or write could possibly cover it. Jerry exceeded any and all expectations. He knows the law, is well connected, and fights for his client. You will not be disappointed." - 5 stars - Bonnie

Great Service - Better Result.

"I used this Attorney for a criminal case, and as a result of the outcome, he will now serve as personal attorney in any case if ever needed again. He comes Highly Recommended. Services were promt and the end result couldn’t have been better than it came out." - 5 stars - Dustin

Confidence and Competence.

"Don't let Jerry's mild mannered style during consultation fool you. He is aggressive and sharp in the courtroom; using etiquette appreciated by the bench. He is a solid play who knows his way around the courthouse. My case was long and tough with a result better than I expected." - 5 stars - Hilda

Couldn't have had a better attorney on my side!

"I don't even know where to start as I have so many wonderful things to say about Mr. Von Gruben and his ability in the courtroom. I was referred to him by another attorney that I know extremely well, and because of my close relationship with him,  I knew I would only have been placed in the best hands possible for my situation. Jerry has been a life-saver throughout this whole process, and couldn't have been any more honest with me, and at the same time he still found a way to respect my wishes. The most important thing I noticed with Jerry, though, was his knowledge of the law, and how it plays out in my situation. I am eternally grateful for his time, and would recommend him without reservation. Thank you Jerry!!!!". - 5 stars - Katie S.

Best down-to-earth lawyer I ever met.

"Best down-to-earth Lawyer I ever met, in my opinion. I would rate him over 5 stars if I could. I felt it was a family member backing me up.  I did not have to say anything in court.  Mr. Von Gruben took care of everything from the beginning to the end.  Excellent job Mr. Von Gruben. Thank you so much!". - 5 stars - E.M.

Strongly Recommended!

"Mr. Von Gruben took the time to discuss, help and completely resolve the matter that I needed him to assist with for a fair and honest fee. That is rare for many attorneys. I strongly reccomended him to resolve your legal issues." - 5 stars - Julian

Very Helpful, Responsive, and Knowledgeable.

"Mr. Von Gruben is an excellent lawyer, he was very helpful, responsive and very knowledgeable. I'll surely hire him again. Thank you so much!!"- 5 stars - Evelyn C

A Very Trustworthy and Hard-Working Lawyer.

"From the minute we got to his office, Jerry made us feel better. He listens and doesn't beat around the bush while having your best interest in mind. He is easy to talk to, easy to get in touch with, and really cares about his clients. He works hard for you, and you have no question about what he is doing for you. He is very fair, very honest, and is really good at knowing what the other side is up to. If I ever need a lawyer again, I am calling Jerry Von Gruben first." - 5 stars - Evelyn T

The Best Around!

"Jerry is not only a great lawyer he's overall a great person that's down to earth. He makes sure to clearly explain each and every option, not to mention prepare you for the outcome of every scenario as well. He fights for every one of his cases till he gets the justice he wants. Jerry handled a very close friends case and then more recently, I hired him to take care of my personal case. This was the first time I had ever needed any sort of legal advice/ help and Jerry helped and calmed me down about the whole situation. He's a great person not to mention the best attorney around." - 5 stars - Sarah

Professional Lawyer and extremely successful.

"I was very impressed with Jerry's advice and help with my needs. His attentiveness and compassion put me at ease. He is the type of Lawyer that will always get back to you and keep you informed. Positive attitude with positive results. Thanks!" - 5 stars - Cathleen

Knowledgeable, Energetic, and with Heart.

"Clearly analyzed and explained our options. Acted decisively with knowledge, energy and heart. Engaged the court system to obtain a good outcome." - 5 stars - A.

Amazing Lawyer!

"Amazing lawyer. I am proud to call him a friend and a colleague. He is one of the few (if not the only lawyer in town) who can handle virtually any kind of case -- from a serious to a DUI to a personal injury case to family law, business disputes, traffic tickets, wills, white collar crimes." - 5 stars - Craig

Professional, Non-Judgmental, and Compassionate; an Excellent Attorney.

"Mr. Von Gruben was referred to me by another attorney. Mr. Von Gruben is non-judgmental, compassionate and professional. He kept us informed and updated throughout the case. Mr. Von Gruben knows the courtroom an is respected by his colleagues. After months and months of getting the round around by others Mr. Von Grubn got the case dismissed in less than 2 weeks. I'm happy he was on and by our side in the courtroom." - 5 Stars - Cruz

Awesome Attorney!

"Awesome lawyer, and really friendly." - 5 stars - Shawn

Could Not Ask for Better.

"Jerry was professional and friendly from day one. He was 100% up front and honest with me and maintained a positive attitude that kept my spirits up until everything was settled. Jerry took on my first case, then a second in another county shortly after, and could not have settled both more seamlessly. He knew exactly how to handle everything and executed exactly that. Everything was handled swiftly and effectively, taking far less time than anticipated. He's great with people in and outside the court room, and I honestly cannot thank him enough for what he did for me. Jerry was a Godsend for me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance." - 5 stars - Devon


"Jerry was a great attorney. He handled my case professionally, effectively and efficiently. Everything he said that he was going to do was done, and handled orderly. I highly recommend Jerry Von Gruben as your attorney." - 5 stars - Michael

Excellent Attorney!

"Jerry was a great attorney and helped me through my divorce. He made sure everything was filed completely and correctly. He made it as smooth as it could go. So grateful for his help!" - 5 stars - A.

Very Satisfied.

"Jerry got straight to the point, and got me what I was wanting in my case. Best lawyer hands down!! Very professional and I would hire him again! Thank you, Jerry!!" - 5 stars - Jakob

Excellent Attorney!

"Jerry was an awesome attorney, really helped my son out when others would not. Can't say enough about his professionalism and great work ethic! Highly recommended!" - 5 stars - A

Jerry Von Gruben - Excellent lawyer!

"Jerry was (is) an excellent lawyer. I was looking at some good time and Mr. Jerry took my case and got me out back to my family in under 2 months. I am so grateful. We are grateful. I would so recommend him to anyone that is in need of a lawyer. He is AWESOME!" - 5 stars - Shawn


"Jerry hands down gets the job done. Knows the courtroom. He is well respected and His presence shuts down the room, case denied. Justice served. He is a confident, punctual lawyer, you want on your side!" - 5 stars - George


"I could not have asked for a better lawyer! Not only was my case dismissed completely, but he worked non stop to find a way to win my case. I could call him anytime and ask him anything and he was always there to answer. He made me feel comfortable in my case and did not treat me like a criminal, but like a human being. He gave me constant updates and always let me know his next move. I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone and everyone." - 5 stars - Samantha

Absolutely Perfect!

"Case dismissed completely!!! Von Gruben is the attorney to choose. He answered my calls every time, knew exactly what was going on, & kept me informed. I was never worried about the situation because he was so confident in the outcome being in my favor. When communicating with Jerry, it was like talking to a friend. It isn't like dealing with your average attorney. You truly can reach out to him anytime day or night, as he says. He stuck to his word. He's a true ally and I recommend him to everyone. I can not rave enough about Jerry and his work." - 5 Stars - Amy

He was Excellent!

"I would highly recommend Jerry Von Gruben. So glad my friend had referred him to me. He was extremely thorough and prepared me every step of the way during a difficult time. Always returned phone calls, listened well, and definitely eased the nerves during this process. He came prepared and was very professional." - 5 Stars - Carrie

The Most Dedicated Bulldog in Town

"Highly Recommend, Jerry was referred to me by a friend of mine.. When an issue came up I contacted him. He responded immediately and unlike most lawyers he answered my calls day and night, even after he had been paid. He doesn't false promise, yet pulls off miracles. Not your typical lawyer at all... Let's just say he got my case expunged when I was told it was impossible. Fool not to use him!!" - 5 stars - David

The Best in Fort Myers

"There is not a single lawyer I would choose to represent me over Jerry Von Gruben. Jerry did a great job communicating with me exactly what was going to happen and how to handle it. His advice set me up for the best possible outcome and he time after time displayed that he cared about my situation. I will recommend Jerry to anyone I come across in need of his services." 5 stars - Patrick

Great Lawyer

"Jerry is an awesome lawyer. .he was always there when i had any questions n fought for me and got me an incredible deal....after it was all said and done i consider Jerry a friend." 5 stars - Rodney

Attorney Jerry Von Gruben

"Attorney Von Gruben is a very professional, ethical, and dedicated attorney. I was especially impressed by his personal attention to me and my case. He is very knowledgeable about the law and this made me very confident in his ability to handle my case. My case had a great outcome in my favor and I am very grateful!" 5 stars - Cyndi

Great Lawyer

"Jerry helped my boyfriend and I so much. He got my boyfriend out of jail quickly. Got his sentence from 9 months to 18 days. He always answers your calls and texts if you have any questions. Nothing is a bother to him and believe me I called a lot. If you need a lawyer for anything I 100 percent recommend him he really is the best." 5 stars - Katelyn

Remarkable Service

"Jerry handled my case strikingly fast, all the while keeping me 100% informed in such a stressful time. Would definitely recommend if your looking for an excellent lawyer!" - 5 stars - Laurin

The Best Attorney in the World

"I had a very serious legal problem in which I had to leave my life, in someone I did not knows, hands. I was scared to death. I was introduced to one of the most caring, trusting, informative, go getters anyone could have ever asked for. Jerry was litterally there for me day & night answering any & ALL questions I had. I was able to lean & depend on him every step of the way. I put every bit of trust I had in Jerry & he NEVER let me down. Jerry helped me through the most tramatic experience I have ever had to go through & knowing what I know about Jerry, I would never trust anyone but him. Jerry is what a TRUE attorney should be & is VERY RARE!!! You will never know any other attorney like Jerry. They just do not make'em like him !!! Jerry WON my case & lifted the World off of my shoulders ~~ Thank you Jerry Von Gruben for being YOU!!" - 5 stars - Elizabeth

An Outstanding Lawyer

"Jerry was part of the law firm I hired for my lawsuit. This team is so professional and truly works for the client. Jerry he always kept me informed about everything that was going on in my lawsuit case if I ever needed to talk to Jerry I could right there of if unavailable he would get right back to me. This is a great law firm with people. I would recommend this law firm to all my friends and family." - 5 stars - Candy

$2,900,000.00 Jury Trial Verdict for Plaintiff

- Daniel Jackson v. AAA Sunshine Imports, Inc. - 08-CA-026152

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