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       Have you taken the time to construct and file a will?  If not, we encourage you to do so.  A professionally constructed and filed will rewards you with peace of mind now, ensures your wishes are met, and relieves burdens on your loved ones.  Our attorneys can help you decide which options are best for you, and can walk you through the process respectfully, and efficiently, so don't hesitate to call.


      ESTATE PLANNING: The proper and legal disposition of your assets is the goal of any estate plan. At Von Gruben Law, we will help you to draft legal documents that will fulfill your estate planning goals. Most estate plans will include one or more of the following legal documents:


  • Wills : Most estate plans will include a will. Your will expresses your wishes as to what happens to your assets upon your death. A typical will may address issues such as the distribution of assets, the naming of guardians or trustees for minor children, burial or cremation, and other final arrangements.

  • Trusts : Depending on your specific circumstances, creating a trust may help you avoid probate, gain greater flexibility with your assets or take advantage of tax opportunities. There are many different types of trusts. Some trusts allow you to continue using your assets during your lifetime, but a chosen trustee will transfer these assets to beneficiaries upon your death.

  • Powers of Attorney : Planning for the possibility of incapacity is an important part of the overall estate planning process. Very often, this may be accomplished by a properly drafted power of attorney. Powers of attorney can govern the handling of all your affairs or be limited to specific areas. A power of attorney can conduct financial transactions to protect your finances, enter legal agreements on your behalf or make health care decisions.

  • Living Wills/Advance Directives : A living will (also known as an advance health care directive) is a formal way to express your wishes regarding emergency and life-preserving medical treatment, prior to any emergency occurring.


        If you already have an estate plan in place, we would be happy to review it with you, especially if you have had a change in circumstances since the original drafting (i.e. marriage, divorce,  births or deaths). It is very important to keep your estate plan up to date.


        Please call our attorneys today regarding planning for the future of your family.

  • Will Drafting

  • Will Review

  • Trust Drafting

  • Trust Review

  • Establishment of Trustees

  • Establishment of Beneficiaries

  • Establishment of Executor

  • Probate

  • Estate Planning

  • Codicils/Will changes/Modifications

  • Beneficiary Changes/Modifications

  • Trustee Establishment

  • Specific Power of Attorney

  • Durable Power of Attorney



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